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Poll: What after the fall of Diablo
tag namePoll03/26/2013

As there is an expansion for Diablo 3 is under construction, a lot of players can not help wonder what after the fall of Diablo. Is Diablo dead or just come to life again as what happened previously? Or maybe there would be a new devil. This is a great time for you to think about it. It would be much fun.


Diablo has died. At the end of the Act IV, we have seen that Diablo has been pushed down from the prime Heaven and integrate into ashes. If he comes to life again, there would be endless expansions. You can defeat him again and again. There would be no meaning. I guess this time Diablo has died and would not rebirth again.


Diablo’s Soul is still out. It is true that Diablo has been defeated. But we do not see that his soul is trapped in the black soul stone. Maybe his flesh body is dead but his soul continues to be alive. And the expansion would turn his soul into some other heroes like Angel Tyrael or the Nephalem.


Angels turn to Evil. There are so many angels Tyrael, Malthael and Imperius. Maybe one of them becomes evil because of some other factors. Just like Tyrael becomes human because of his help to human beings. And after Tyrael become angel again, the greed of Human has polluted him and he wants to rule the Prime Heaven.


Brand new Boss. To expand the game, there should import some new factors. It can start from the brand new bosses. The mysterious unknown is always what we anticipate. Or maybe the son or the daughter of Diablo has become strong and revenge the heroes. Do not forget that Leah is the daughter of Diablo.


What’s your personal opinion? Come to join us and discuss this interesting topic together!



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