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Diablo 3 Guide: Senior Wizard Sword Energy Twister Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide03/23/2013

You could guess from the title Wizard Sword Energy Twister Build. This is a build with the weapon Sword and the skill Energy Twister. This set of build actually is the same with the Chantodo’s Freezing Wizard skill build. Below is the Senior Wizard Sword Energy Twister Build.

diablo 3 wizard sword energy twister build


Now let’s see the equipment choices. For the main-hand weapon, it is absolutely the Sword:

weapon sword and off hand triumvirate


You could choose a weapon without the stat of Life steal as well. But there must be physical damage then could you enjoy the elemental damage.


Off-Hand: Triumvirate. You have to choose three kind of elemental damages with 6% additional. This can increase the elemental damage greatly. In the Auction House, it is about 10,000K Normal Mode Diablo 3 Gold. And it would be better if you could choose one with Critical hits grant arcane power stats.


Rings: Unity with the attack speed is a symbol of status. In the auction house, you could buy one with 400- 500 million D3 Gold. Tri-crits is the senor ring. Zunimass’s Pox is the best choice for you.

diablo 3 items two rings


Belt: The Witching Hour. All resistance, critical hit damage 50% would be the basic stats. The only disadvantage is the low Intelligence stat.  Zunimassa’s Trail with the ring can give additional 130 intelligence. This set is a necessity of the Wizard. 

Pants: Blackthorne’s Joustine Mail with high intelligence and life on hit.

diablo 3 items bracer, belt, glove and helm


You have to choose Tal Rasha’s Relentless Pursuit for your Chest Armor. It would be better if you could find one with the all resistance stat. This chest armor is the senior wizard. If you have enough Diablo III Gold in your account, it is better for you to buy it immediately.

Glove: Critical hit damage, critical hit chance and attack speed are the basics. If you have enough Demonic Essence, I would recommend you to craft it yourself. 1.0.7 crafting glove is much better than the item in the AH. But you have to rely on luck to get one really nice good glove.

diablo 3 items chest armor, boots and pants


Shoulder is without doubt the Vile Ward. As the critical hits grant the Arcane power is a little low, we would recommend Storm  Crow as the helm with critical hits grant the Arcane. 6% critical hit chance is essential. You could take one with around 100 million Diablo 3 Gold. Bracers should choose Lacuni Prolers, attack speed and movement speed with 5.5% critical hit chance. This can increase the DPS a lot.

Amulet, the priority for Sword Energy Twister Build is Tal Rasha’s Allegiance. The main reason is the elemental damage. This is better than most Tri-crits amulet.

diablo 3 wizard items amulet and shoulders


With this set, the all resistance 700, Health Globe 80,000, DPS 500,000 would make you rank first ten in American server absolutely.


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