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Diablo III: Paragon Level 50 Monk Screen Shots Story
tag nameDiablo III03/21/2013

This time we would introduce a screen shots story for our players. This is an example of the March Member Activity Screen Shots Story of If you are interested, you could share your story with us. If the story is interesting enough, we would post it on our site. The story we tell today is a Paragon Level 50 Monk Story.


Monk Background: For a Monk, Dual Wield is always the great help to increase the attack speed. They are not aggressive like Barbarian. They are gentle but with power. In the late winter night, Monk never fears to travel alone. With the accompany of the Enchantress, the journey is much fun. Enchantress is a shy girl who would talk about the Scoundrel sometimes. Love is not the thing Monk would talk about. But she would happy to help the follower, however.

monk act one background


Monk Stash: What kind of items you find most is the Health Potion. For a Monk with a log of life saving skills no damage increase skills, the health potion is not necessary actually. You can see there are 700 health potions in my stash. I only buy the potion in the early part. In the later time, the skill Serenity and Blinding Flash all can save my life without the use of the health potions. The Skorn is bought after Patch 1.07 to fight in the Brawling. This is bought without life steal at a price of 4 million Diablo 3 Gold. As to the keys, they are never used when one of my friends leave Diablo 3. He is a great Barbarian who can solo Inferno Machine Monster Power seven alone.

diablo 3 monk stash


The Festering Woods: This is always the first place for my farming in Act I. There would be two packs of Champions in the Warrior’s Rest and Crypt of the Ancients. If you are lucky enough, you would stack four Nephalem Valor in the Festering Woods.

act 1 the festering woods


And this is the story of my Paragon Level 50 Monk. What’s your storey?

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