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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Archon Skill Build for Ordinary Players
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide03/08/2013

Today I would like to share with you the Wizard Archon Skill build which I use myself. This build which is designed to play easy with least Diablo 3 Gold spent is suitable for ordinary players.


The theory of this build is to use Living Lighting which do not cost Arcane to fill the Cool Down time. Then you can use Archon without limit. Let’s see the Wizard Archon Skill build below.

diablo 3 wizard archon build for ordinary players


Passive Skills:  Critical Mass is used to reduce the cool down time which is essential of this build. Without the Critical Mass, you can not use Archon without interruption. Evocation would reduce all skill cool down time by 20%. This could save us a lot of D3 gold. Even with less critical hit damage, you can still hit the same effect. Blur is a life saving skill which is so important as there is no life saving skill under Archon mode. As we are the ordinary players, these are the passive skill chosen. If you have enough Diablo 3 Gold and items supporting, you could abandon Blur to choose Cannon instead.


Active Skills: Shock Pulse is a skill frequently chosen by players. The trigger rate is pretty high. When your critical hit chance meets 50, this could get endless Frost Nova. Diamond Skill and Frost Nova are all used to save the life when the Archon is not available. Do not try to use Shock Pulse and Frost Nova to clear the monsters. The core skill of this build is the Archon. As son as the cool down time of Archon is finished, open it again. Magic Weapon and rune Blood Magic is used to deal with the damage reflect monsters. As this skill build is targeted for the ordinary players, Energy Armor is the perfect armor for this build.


Diablo 3 Items Guides:
Helm: Storm Crow with Critical Hit Chance, Vitality, Arcane recovery, hit on life. This is really helpful for the Living Lightning. The item price is around 1000K Diablo 3 Gold.

Shoulder: Vile Ward with intelligence, vitality would be good which can be bought with 2000k gold. Or you could choose the Black Smith to craft the new design for you as well.

Amulet: 1.0.7 crafting amulet is a basic choice for you with high intelligence. You only have to choose one with critical hit chance.

Bracers: 1.0.7 crafting item with high intelligence, critical hit chance, vitality and all resistance.
Gloves: 1.0.7 crafting item with attack speed, critical hit chance and high intelligence would be nice.
Chest Armor: 2000K Diablo 3 Gold would take away a Tal Rasha’s attack chest armor with 200 vitality.
Belt: The cheapest The Witching Hour can be bought at 200K D3 Gold.
Ring one: Intelligence, attack speed, critical hit damage and critical hit chance can be bought at around 10000K Diablo III Gold.
Ring two: Natalya's Reflection with intelligence and critical hit damage.
Boots: Natalya’s Bloody Footprints with the Natalya’s Reflection can give out additional 7% critical hit chance.
Pants: All resistance, two sockets, high intelligence and high vitality would be great.
Weapon: 1300 Echoing Fury with life steal is around 20000K Diablo 3 Gold.
Off Hand: Average damage around 250, three magic damage. Triumvirate Legacy would be around 15000K Gold.


All the items would not exceed 50000K D3 Gold, DPS 200K, Attack Speed around 2.0 can clear the Inferno Monster Power Five at ease. This set of gear have pass the Arcane on hit, weapon socket which save a lot. And there is a large room to improve. Triumvirate Legacy in combination with the Echoing Fury physical damage can give out pretty nice damage. This set is especially for ordinary players.

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