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Poll: Which Diablo 3 Itemization Change would You Like in Patch 1.0.8
tag namePoll03/07/2013

The developer Journal has veiled the design ideas the developers are striving for. There are certain ideas make Diablo 3 fans really exciting, like “Identify All” which would come in the Patch 1.0.8. This is really a good change. Now we have something to look forward to in the next patch now. There are other changes may happen in the patch, which itemization change would you like in Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8?


official information about diablo 3 itemization change


Targeted Legendaries: The idea is that you would get larger chance to get targeted Legendaries from certain bosses. For example, if you want to have a Witch Hour Belt for your class, then you may loot Maghada. There is a bigger chance you would get the Witching Hour Belt in her loot. This would increase the balance for each Act. And there is no need for you to stick to the most efficient route anymore if you want certain items.


Items Good for you Class: It is really a pity if you loot the Mighty Belt for a Barbarian when you play a Monk. It would be much better if you would have it replaced with a Inna’s Belt which is designed for Monk. Then you would save a lot of energy to evaluate the price and bid this on the Auction House and increasing the Diablo 3 Gold inflation.


Guaranteed Chance of Legendary Drop from Bosses: This is a little like the “Targeted Legendaries”. But this is only for the first mode Boss kills like Normal, Nightmare, Hell and Inferno mode. This would boost a wave to start new classes instead of sticking to one class for ever to get the Paragon level 100.


Identify All: This is the function most players would need most. To identify Rare items and Legendary items one by one is a time consuming task. Especially when you find that there is no item that you need, it would be disappointed and upset. With the “Identify All”, you can save a lot of time to loot more Diablo 3 Items


Now it’s your time to cast your vote. Let’s anticipate together what surprises the patch 1.0.8 would bring to us.


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