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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian farm Demonic Essence in 10 MP Vault of Assassin
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/28/2013

In Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7, the most attractive to players are the following two points:
1. To get good loots under high Monster Power.
2. To kill the Demonic Essence quickly.


Today I would like to share with you a post about 10PP Barbarian to get good loots and quickly kill the Demonic Essence in Vault of Assassin, and hope it will help the Barbarian players a little. Vault of Assassin is one of the simplest maps in Diablo 3. The circular area, basically players don’t need to spend much time on running the map, just turn a circle according to clockwise then the map is clear. What’s more, there are so many elite monsters, generally more than 5 groups. So this is the best place to get loots and kill Demonic Essence!


Item stats picture:

barbarian stats details to farm in 10 monster power


A good map certainly need a set high efficiency BUILD to run the map and get loots. Here I will recommend you: Sprint Ancients Rend BUILD

barbarian sprint ancients rend build to farm demonic essence

Detailed Notes to the BUILD:
1. The main hand skills directly choose Hammer of the Ancients. Many players will ask: will the fury be short? If you Barbarian has 50% Critical Hit Chance and Battle Rage-Into the Fray, I can clearly tell you that you fury won’t be used up absolutely. If you have Stone of Jordan that can reduce Hammer of the Ancients, it would be perfect!


2. Rend as a wide range of ADC skill, it completely can take the place of Whirlwind, and it has a good security on returning life. After all, it’s in 10PP difficulty.

3. The Sprint skill is still the most efficiency skill in running map. The increase of movement speed is necessary, which could greatly improve your time on running map.


4. The selection of Overpower and War Cry, in fact, wants to tell players that under the high efficiency running map, especially in high PP, the effect of Overpower is far outweigh War Cry. Particularly in the case of cooperating with Wrath of the Berserker, basically the Critical Hit Chance is quite high, and the CD time of Overpower will also be reduced.


The playing method of this BUILD: (elite monsters)
Battle Rage > Sprint -> Hammer of the Ancients -> Rend -> Wrath of the Berserker ->incessant Hammer of the Ancients. If the blood is too little then use Rend immediately to return blood. Notice: when you are killing the elite monsters, you can choose not to use the Sprint skill, because it is basically used to speed up the running map.


The join of Demonic Essence, let more players lived in abundance. After all, those super items were sold at very high prices in Auction House. So high efficiency running map and getting good loots is the best choice in current patch 1.0.7. You can find Demon Hunter Demonic Essence Farming at our site as well.


Thanks for your viewing!

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