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Diablo 3 Guide: Demon Hunter Fast Way to Farm Demonic Essence
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/25/2013

After the arrival of patch 1.0.7, all classes of Diablo 3 get improved in running the map and leveling up. What’s more, there are some adjustments on both items and skills BUILD. The adjustment of anti-damage mechanism, let many "contra" Demon Hunter players see the hope again. They don’t need to choose skills that can add resistance and armor in order to keep the secret now, but to fully fire without any bondage.


1.0.7 Skill build recommendation: Volatile Explosives Fan Build

demon hunter skill build volatile explosive fan build for demonic farm


This set of skills has been changed a lot in the traditional 1.0.6 patch:

1. After the adjustment, I said the skills can add resistance and armor can be replaced by other skills right now, Perfectionist just is the skill.

demon hunter skill perfectionist


2. Hatred is more practical than Discipline. We know that Hatred is basically the energy to make the damage skills, while Discipline is to release energy on reducing damage or trap. If you use this BUILD, you rely on most is Hatred. So we have to make some adjustments on choosing pets. And the traditional Boar Companion should be given up now.

3. Choosing a wide range of high damage skills becomes the key in 1.0.7 quickly killing:
 Relying on explosive and strafe skills, basically 20-30W Demon Hunter can kill monsters in about five seconds. If there still have monsters were close to you, you need to use the Fan of Knives immediately.

demon hunter skill bola shot

4. The selection of movement speed is still the key on quickly killing. So in skills selection we basically choose Active Skills and Passive Skills that can increase the movement speed. Basically, we can use the traditional items of patch 1.0.6 on items selection. But if you want to improve the efficiency of killing elite monsters, it would be best to team up with three players together with Puzzle Ring.

Under the difficulty of MP1, the above BUILD has a very high efficiency whether on leveling up or quickly killing the elite monsters. Diablo 3 itself is to change itself, improve itself, and to play games in different ways. Thanks for your viewing!

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