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Diablo III: Barbarian Weapon Gems Choices
tag nameDiablo III02/22/2013

As a loyal fan of Diablo 3, I have been playing D3 since the beta until now. There has been added a lot of new content in Patch 1.0.7. There is a report in the patch. But there is no detailed information for players. In order to return the support of our Diablo 3 Barbarian lovers, I have write this gems choices for Barbarian weapon which you should know.


There is brand new Gem mechanism in patch 1.0.7. I have spend a large sum of D3 Gold to get this data:
1. Dual Wield Two Emerald (Number one)
2. Dual Wield Weapon Emerald, Off-hand Ruby (Number two)
3. Dual Wield Weapon Ruby, Off-hand Emerald (Number three)
4. Dual wield Two Ruby (Number four)


Test skill: Hammer of the Ancients under Full Fury
1. Two Emerald
2. Two Ruby


There is not much difference of the yellow words damage. But there are obvious gap in the white words damage. In Gem choices with dual wielding, critical hit damage is still the priority. Two-hand Weapon depends on the item stats. If you are on Critical Hit Damage style, then of course Emerald is the choice. But if you are on the weapon damage style, then Ruby would be better.


Weapon Choice between Two-handed and Dual Wield
1. There is no shift between two weapons in Two-Handed. Use the one with higher sheet figure in DPS test tool or comparison tool.


2. Dual Wield Emerald exceeds Ruby as many skills do not referring off hand DPH. It can be regarded that the Ruby is not taking effect.


3. Consisting skill like Rend, Weapon relies on Ruby to enhance. Like Hammer of the Ancients critical hit damage skill, Emerald would be better.


You can find Diablo 3 Gems collection in our items part as well.


In summary
1. Emerald is till the first choice for players as Barbarian is a class depending on Critical Hit damage.


2. In weapon choices, critical hit damage choice should take critical hit chance and attack speed into consideration and the combination of weapon sheet damage.


3. Currently Duel Wield rules PVE while Two-Handed domineers PVP.
I sincerely hope these can help you clear the doubts about the gems choice. Diablo 3 is a game deserving your time to study. You do not have to imitate others always. Find the problem and solve it yourself. Then you would have a perfect skill build for your hero.




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