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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian Domineering Skill Overpower Analysis
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/21/2013

Gorgeous skills and stunning equipments are always the main features to attract players for Diablo 3. Under these skills, how should players choose the right skills and runes? Barbarian is the most prominent one class. This time we would like to analysis the domineering skill Overpower and the combination.




This is an active triggering skill. “The critical hit has a chance to lower the cooldown”. If you could land 12 critical hit in 12 seconds, basically there is no cooldown for the Overpower and can be used unlimited. I still remember that Overpower come to the sight of players after patch 1.0.5. A player with whirlwind & Sprint skill build replace the War Cry with Overpower. The effect is really significant as the War Cry has been nerd a lot.


Below we are going to tell you how to choose the right rune.

five over power runes


There is great difference in these five runes.
Storm Steel can be ignored currently.


Killing Spree
If your all resistance and armor have met the demand, you should use this rune. The enhancement is calculated according to your equipment.

overpower rune killing spree


Crushing Advance
Not like Killing Spree, Crushing Advance is used under the saturation of armor, all resistance and health globe. This is especially obvious under high Monster Power and damage reflect monsters. Under Monster Power 10, there is significant difference between with Overpower and without Overpower.


This rune can be used in fast Diablo 3 Power Leveling. The biggest problem of Whirlwind & Sprint Skill build is the acquisition and cost of Fury as the Sprint needs ongoing Fury. As a result, it is a key issue to generate enough Fury in this build. Especially for those Barbarians who would like to farm in Monster Power 0, the Fury need is more obvious.

over rune momentum


After the appearance of Patch 1.0.7, Revel has entered the stage of Barbarian. Powerful Life steal and life recovery skill it is. For Shield Barbarian, instant life recovery means would surprise the Opponent a lot.

overpower rune revel


In summary, Critical hit reduce the cooldown time, increase critical hit chance, life steal, damage reduction and Fury regeneration.


I would hope all Barbarian players would study your own hero and enhance the skill builds. Thanks for viewing.

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