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Poll: What is Your Motivation to Enter D3
tag namePoll02/20/2013

Patch 1.0.7 does bring a lot of players back. But we can not help noticed that the Brawling part of PVP is not so exciting than expected. The new crafting system turned out to be really popular. Now have you returned to the game or are you always here? What is your main motivation to enter D3, check the auction house, PVP with friends or for other reasons?


1. Check the Auction House: I can always come across on Diablo 3 who always checks the Auction House in the morning as I do. It just has become a habit to check the status on the Auction House. If the items are sold out, I would search the AH and see if I can buy something better for my hero. It would be a little disappointed to see that there is no friend online and no items sold out. Then log out.


2. PVP with Friends: Challenge with friends is with the same fun as farm with the friends. But if you or your friends life is less then 100K, then the one shot game would be less fun. You are either killed by one shot of your friend. Or vise either.


3. Power Level the Heroes: There is one shortcoming of all humans to pursuit perfection always. So the Paragon Level 100 and the best items are always the motivation keeping us moving forward with this game.


4. Craft Hellfire Ring: This is the main motivation since Patch 1.0.7. Now it would always one of goal to farm the key wardens to get the key to farm the ingredients of Hellfire Ring. There is no end to get the best Hellfire Ring.


5. Craft Account Bound Items: This is one of the best changes of patch 1.0.7. The chance to get better items is higher than farm in the game. Sometimes, Black Smith does give out some really awesome items as you can see Spiral Traps Items Crafted by Black Smith.

items crafted by d3 black smith

6. Other reasons: Of course, you may have other reasons like it is boring to play other games. Or you just like the game as it is.


Take the poll and let’s discus it together at our community or leave your comments at our Feedback page.


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