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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Skills Recommendation in Patch 1.0.7 PVP
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/18/2013

Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7 was formally live a few days ago, and Diablo 3 is about to enter into another peak. During this update, the changes of Wizard and Monk are the most obvious.


Today I would like to recommend a set PVP experience and skills recommendation of Wizard:
The Wizard has to follow the points below in PVP Arena:
1. The distance is the key to determine your victory or defeat.
2. To use the reduce damage skills reasonably, such as Crystal Shell.
3. The use of Mirror Image will make the enemy don’t know where to start.


Skills collocation recommendation: Disintegrate Lightning Fracture Build

diablo 3 wizard skill build


It is very difficult to lock the opponent after you distanced yourself from him, so using Magic Missile Seeker is a good choice.


It is a good choice to use the Fracture skill to defense and offense. After you opened this skill, the enemy will not know where to start, and you can do output with abandon during this period.


The collocation of Reactive Armor and Lightning Hydra is the biggest light spot of this BUILD.


The Chaos Nexus of Disintegrate has a long distance damage and high outbreak, it’s a good choice to be used on outbreak and denying the opponent.


Whether the dual wield or two-hand Barbarian, the biggest damages are the Hammer of the Ancients and Rend. To avoid these two skills is the key of your victory or defeat. Because you are remote profession and they are Melee professions, and you always belong to the active side. Many Barbarians choose dart skills to hit the remote professions, so you must calculate the CD and using time of Barbarian’s dart skills. When the opponent was using dart skills, you should avoid him immediately via Flash and Replication skills. In the basic dueling, if you can keep output in the farthest distance, then it’s very easy to kill the Barbarian.


Wizard vs Monk
Monk can be regarded as assassin profession, and the remote professions afraid most is the assassin profession. What’s more, the monk’s skills restrain the Wizard. Besides, Monk has Invincible skills. It’s impossible for Wizard to confine the Monk in a close range. However, if stand together to compete the outbreak, it is estimated that you are not monk’s opponent. So you should keep the farthest distance and reduce the Monk’s speed, it is a good choice to duel via Seeker to lock the visual field.


If you are interested in Witch Doctor Guides, please visit our news part for more. The 1.0.7 patch was released not long, I think there would still have many changes or updates. So players should wait patiently. We will bring the latest news of Diablo III to you in the first time later. Let's look forward to it!

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