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Diablo 3 Guide: Best Power Level Companion Barbarian
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/17/2013

The boring part in Diablo 3 is the power leveling process. Because of the limitations of the game, a lot of players would prefer to do the leveling alone. As a result, the level process gets borer more and more. The efficiency becomes lower as well.


Q: Is there any way to enhance the efficiency of the level?
A: Barbarian is the fastest class in all the five classes regarding the Diablo 3 Power Leveling. Barbarian is famous for high movement speed and wide range AOE Damage which are the most important factors for leveling. It would be a wise choice to farm with a Barbarian companion.


New Barbarian Recommendation:
Many players join the Diablo 3 through the recommendation of friends. I am part of this kind. I play Barbarian myself and have brought several friends to play this game with me as well. Following are the tips I would highly recommend.


Teammate Level: 0
Difficulty: Normal Mode- Monster Power 10

diablo 3 normal mode difficulty choice
Select Task: Act III- Kill Azmodan

choose d3 task kill azmodan in power leveling
Build Recommendation: Two-Handed Whirlwind & Sprint Build

barbarian whirlwind sprint skill build special for fast diablo 3 power level


The most important part is to ensure their movement speed and vitality when you bring new players to get fast D3 Power Leveling. Then you should adjust the skills slightly. If you are a Hard Core Mode player, we have introduced Hardcore Barbarian Two-Handed Whirlwind Sprint Build previously as well.

barbarian skill sprint to increase movement speed


1. Sprint: to increase companions movement speed in 50 yards.
2. War Cry: enhance the all resistance and armor enormously. This could increase your new companion survivability.
3. Rend: AOE damage skill can increase the efficiency of the level. There is no need to choose Wrath of the Berserker in Normal-Mode.


You have to ensure the protection of the new players. It takes time to rescue them. It would affect the efficiency of level if the death happens several times.
Items Recommendation for new players:
1. No need to spend large amounts of money on the affiliate heroes.
2. Choose a helm with a socket. You could send them a Ruby to increase the XP Bonus.
3. Cain’s Set would be a great choice.
4. Choose a weapon with high damage and level reduce requirement. This would be easy for him to catch the steps with you.


I sincerely hope this would help you a lot. Keep tuned for more.

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