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Diablo 3 Guide: Demon Hunter Build for Both PVP and PVE
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/10/2013

Demon Hunter is a passionate class both in PVP and PVE. Regardless the class balance, Demon Hunter is my favorite. This class is good at mobility and critical hit damage. Sometimes, you would get one supporting items in the Auction House really helpful. Although my DPS is only 8,000, I can farm Inferno Mode Monster Power 6-8 without pressure.

Action bar and passive skills of Demon Hunter

Sheet Figure:
Power Level: 60 (31)
Strength: 590
Dexterity: 2745
Intelligence: 223
Vitality: 2160
Armor: 4045
DPS: 7823

There are four damage output skills.
First one is Sentry
. 50% damage come from the Sentry. You have to consider the position of the three turrets.

Second one is Caltrops. You could place six caltrops. If you want to fight without move, you would rely heavily on this skill.

Third one is Spike Trap. The passive skill can increase the time of Spike Trap. What’s more, the damage can be accumulated.

Fourth one is Hungering Arrow. The effect would be better if you choose Entangling Shot. It depends on personal hobby.

As to the weapon, you should choose the sheet figure at least 1400. There is no need to get a socket. Of course, it would be better if there is a socket. There should be at least one item with stats of pick up radius which can ensure you get the health potion easily when you fight standing still.

The advantage of this build is the mobility, stand still and PVP. The high efficiency is obvious as well. But you could see the disadvantage as well. It would be a little difficult to get life recovery as the Sentry and trap can not get life steal when you encounter damage reflect monsters. But in patch 1.0.7, this would be relieved as there would be patch for the damage reflect monsters. If you meet the reborn monster, there is no meaning for the Sentry any more. The other disadvantage is the low critical hit. It would be obvious only when the three Sentry all come out. There are 10 seconds prelude. But this would not matter in high Monster Power. In PVP, this build would be a little weak dueling with Witch Doctor. But in front of Barbarian and Monk, you would beat them easily as long as you control the positions of the three sentries.

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