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Diablo III: Tragic Life of Goblin
tag nameDiablo III02/07/2013

I am a hardworking Goblin. Ten years ago, I left home determining to create my own career which would afford a happy life for my family. Unfortunately, it did not come as I expected. On the way I was caught by the minions of Diablo. Suddenly I felt there was no hope. I could not return to my beautiful hometown anymore. In the Diablo world, I was just nobody. I did not have a strong body which could hold the heavy weapons. Soon I was abandoned in the dark edge of the world.


I do not know where I am. I only know that there are danger everywhere as there are always conflicts between dark creatures and Human. I can only wait for the end of the war hiding in the dark. I would like to ask those brave people where my hometown is. But because of the language barrier and my weird stature, it would be better not to confront them. I wonder in the mountain road. Suddenly I am tripped over by something. It is a golden weapon and glittering gold. I am so happy. I collect these incredible things with a bag I can find.

goblin found gold


Soon, in the battle field, I have collected a lot of incredible things. Most importantly I have picked up a Diablo world map. The tears of rejoice come to my eyes suddenly. There is hope to go home now. The Christmas is coming. I plan to bring all these Diablo 3 Gold home. I want to come home before Christmas and preparing some gifts for my family. It seems that I was in my hometown and eating happily with my family. Suddenly there is war horn blaring. I am waken up from the dream. The war starts again. I hasten to hide and study my map and plan a long route home. To be safe, I basically move forward in the night. My vision becomes better after I have walking long in the night. The treasures along the road have all been collected by me which makes me very happy.


After three months waling, I am closer to my hometown. I am so excited with every step. Suddenly there is a cry “Catch that thief with a bag. It seems that there are lots of treasures”. I am so scared that I do not know where to go. One piece of carelessness leads to the life threat. I run quickly. But as there are so many people, I have countless hurt on my body. I feel that I do not have the energy to support me any longer. I have to use the teleport which can only be used once in lifetime. Although I do not know where I would be teleported to, I just have to try. I try my best to a secluded place and speak the spell silently. Suddenly a slash of white light appeared. It is almost successful. The spell is almost complete. As I am ready to jump through the portal, I am blacked out. I know I am found. I have nowhere to escape. In the dim consciousness, I can feel the excitement among those people. Probably the treasures in my bag cheer them up. It is only that I ca not get my home anymore. I can no longer meet my family. Good Bye. If there is an afterlife, I would stay in your side and living the good life with you.

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