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Diablo 3 Guide: High Critical Hit Chance Control Mode Witch Doctor
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/06/2013

The Diablo 3 PTR server has been on for a long tie. We have written a lot of PVP evaluation and skill build recommendation. But one patch can tear down the information we offer yesterday as it is a PTR. Currently every class information has entered a stable stage. Now we would recommend one high critical hit chance control mode Witch Doctor for you.


Barbarian still rules in a recent vote regarding which class is strongest in current PVP PTR. The reason may be that there are too many Barbarians in 1.0.6 version. The items basic can make an impact on the strongest PVP class. In fact, a good range class can defeat the melee class easily especially for a control mode Witch Doctor.


Witch Doctor Advantage:
1. Strong Displacement and damage impairing skills can defuse the opponent critical hit damage instantly.
2. Defensive ability is far better than other classes. It is a class you can not expect.
3. Hex target skill can lay a foundation for the high critical hit damage with the control ability.


Tips for Witch Doctor Skills:
1. The reasonable use of Spirit Walk
2. Wall of Zombies- Barricade can be the key skill to change the situation.
3. Before you use Hex, you have to make sure that if your opponent is under immune status. There should be a critical hit damage skill to continue the Hex.
4. The cool down time of Spirit Walk is 15 Seconds and Wall of Zombies is 20 seconds. There are five seconds vacuum which would be a trouble. So you need a Jordan Ring and off-hand to reduce the CD to make it up.


Below is the Witch Doctor PVP skill build I would recommend:


In PVP arena, there is no certain thing. There is no class who can be sure of success. It is just a matter of how many times you would die. Monk would be the tricky class to duel with as there is a lot of Bug skill. After the patch 1.0.7, Monk would become invincible. But if you are familiar with Monk play style, you would find that every class has some unique features. No one can be the Duel Bug forever.


Lastly, I hope that you would have a great performance in PVP. In later tie, we would bring out new skill build. Just stay tuned.

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