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Diablo 3 Guide: Hardcore Barbarian Two-Handed Whirlwind Sprint Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide02/02/2013

Diablo 3 is full of the heartbeat feelings everywhere, game sound, scene and the thrilling task. The most thrilling part should belong to the Hard Core Mode.


Hard Core Mode:
This is a very realistic game mode. You only have on life. You do not need to spend significant amounts of repair fee to repair your equipment when you die in Diablo 3. In this game world, you may die at any moment. It is like an adventure in the movie. You can not come back to life again when you died unless the screenplay is rewritten.


But the players who played Hard Core mode account for a small ratio currently. There are a lot of reasons leading to this situation like the network problems, machine problems and other problems which are all fatal problem. How to survive in Hardcore mode is the biggest problem. And this time I would introduce the Whirlwind & Sprint Skill build for Barbarian in HC mode. Of course, we have previously introduced normal mode Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Build. Compare it and you would learn more.

diablo 3 guides barbarian hardcore whirlwind sprint skill build

With right chosen skills and runes, it will let you go further in Hard Core Mode. Certainly basic equipment is indispensable.
Whirlwind& Sprint Skill Build:
1. It relies on the continued damage of Whirlwind and Sprint to maintain the health and improve viability.
2. Hammer of the Ancients powerful damage can resolve the fighting quickly. The shorter the battle time, the lower the chance you would die. What’s more the Fury consumption of Hammer of the Ancients can control the duration of the Wrath of the Berserker.
3. Overpower is indispensable as t would absorb and reflect damage. Compared with War Cry, I would choose Overpower as the high frequency damage of Whirlwind & Sprint can refresh the Cool Down time of Overpower easily.
4. You would go far in HC mode if you could control the Wrath of the Berserker-Thrive on Chaos. This should be maintained all the way.


There are five points you should take in mind:
1. Do not try if your network condition is not stable.
2. Do not try if you do not have a hero more than 50 Paragon level in Normal mode.
3. Choose items to keep balance. The damage should be limited within 150-200K. Than consider the Armor, All resistance and Health Globe.
4. Do not try high Monster Power.
5. If you are the one to buy to win, then ignore the above points.


I would hope that everyone to experience the Hard Core Mode yourself to experience the heart beat feeling. Thank you for reading.

  • 1. Yes, got some supporting items
  • 2. Only use Smith in early days
  • 3. Only use smith for Inferno Machine
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