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Poll: Have You Used Blacksmith to Craft Items in Inferno Mode
tag namePoll01/31/2013

Most players would buy supporting items in the auction house where are a lot of choices. But some players would rather choose the items they farm and the items you crafted from the Blacksmith. And I am wondering how many still use the Blacksmith to craft items in Inferno Mode.


1. Yes, got some supporting items. Take a look at the Spiral Traps below. Are you astonished to find that it is a perfect glove for Monk? +157 Dexterity, +86 Vitality, +47 Lightning Resistance, Attack Speed Increased by 9%, Critical Hit Damage Increased by 30% and Critical Hit Chance Increased by 8.5%. Every Stat is of use. If we put it in market, it should value at least one billion Normal Mode Diablo 3 Gold. But you need only buy an Exalted Grand Sovereign Vambraces in the auction house and try your luck at smith. The fact is that there are really some supporting items crafted by Blacksmith. If you did not use this chance, it is a pity for you then.

gloves crafted by blacksmith spiral traps


2. Only use Smith in early days. I still remember the days when Diablo 3 come out at the beginning. There are not so many items in the auction house and every player is at the beginning line as you. We can only rely on Blacksmith for help to get some items. But now this is not the case. You just ask a friend to escort you. And you would be in Level 60 in four hours. The meaning of Blacksmith has been decreased a lot.


3. Only use Smith for Inferno Machine. If there is no patch 1.0.5, I guess most players would not level the Blacksmith to the level 10. But you need to have the key which would open the inferno machine door crafted by the smith. We have no choice but to use Blacksmith. I do not believe that there are still players who did not use Blacksmith.


Cast your vote and let’s discuss together how the Blacksmith perform for you in Diablo 3 Inferno Mode.

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