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Diablo 3 Guide: Wizard Shock Pulse Build in High Monster Power
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/28/2013

As there would be a lot of skill enhancement for Wizard, we would like to launch Wizard Shock Pulse build this time. Lightning is always very effective in AOE damage. Especially when you are in high Monster Power, the advantage to clear the enemy efficiency becomes obvious. The key skills of this build are Shock Pulse and Storm Armor which would give out large lightning damage. Frozen is good at Boss fighting, which is not suitable for the loot.

wizard shock pulse build skills and runes


Shock Pulse- Living Lightning: As the core of this build is to increase the AOE damage, we choose Living Lightning as the rune which would make the lightning drift forward. Then you would not have to beat every enemy. You just stand a little far and you would hit medium range enemies by one single act. If you could choose the off-hand Triumvirate which would add 6% to Lightning Damage, the effect would be much larger.


Storm Armor- Shocking Aspect: This skill would bathe you in electrical energy and shocking nearby enemies by lightning damage. As this would cost 25 Arcane Power, you could use Shock Pulse at a distance. When the enemy gets close, then use Storm Armor which would lasts 120 Seconds.


Diamond Skin-Crystal Shell: As we have not chosen Frost Nova, we should choose Crystal Shell to increase the damage absorbed. But to survive in high monster Power, we would advise you to have at least 65K Life Health Globe.


Choose Archon- Improved Archon and Energy Armor to increase the all resistance as the passive skill Glass Cannon would “Increases all damage done by 15%, but decreases Armor and resistance by 10%”. Magic Weapon-Blood Magic can hit one-target very effective as the same time, you could get life recovery of damage you are giving. Wizard fears the melee damage which would be fatal for a long-distance class. So we have to choose Blur to decrease the melee damage taken.


In high Monster Power, long-distance class Wizard has a lot of advantages compared to Barbarian and Monk. Take the advantage of Lightning damage, I bet your loot efficiency would be increase enormously. For Diablo 3 Guides, please visit SALEDIABLO3.COM Guides part.

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