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Poll: How Do You Think about Monk and Wizard Enhancement
tag namePoll01/26/2013

The Patch 1.0.7 blog has announced that there would be a large enhancement for Monk and Wizard skills. For other classes, there are only some bug fixes. The major changes would give a boost for Monk and Wizard players as most players have turned into Barbarian after patch 1.0.5 which are especially efficient in farm and loot. Now patch 1.0.7 is finally coming with some class updates. How to you think about Monk and Wizard Enhancement?

patch 1.0.7 monk skill enhancement


Option one: welcome the enhancement. As a melee attack mode, Monk can never match Barbarian in battles. In movement speed, monk has the passive skill Fleet Footed which would increase the movement speed by 10%. But the Barbarian has the active skill Sprint which would increase the movement of 40%. The big damage skill of Hammer of the Ancients only cost 20 Fury. But it cost Monk 75 Spirit for the Wave of light. We can only say that Monk is underperformed since the beginning.


Option two: Not fair for other classes. There should be change for all classes not only the Monk and Wizard. Demon Hunter players also think that they are not balanced. Official has said that they “never expect there would be a fair fight in PVP”. But we would sincerely hope that there would be a class balance in PVE.


Option three, Not care about it. No matter what we think about the change. Blizzard would not change according to our personal view and feelings. We just play what they have prepared for us. We are eager to experience the Dueling systems. But it seems that it has been delayed once more. So we just do not care what would come.


How do you think about Monk and Wizard enhancement? Do you think they deserve an update? Or do you not care about it at all? Join us for this poll and discuss it at our Facebook Page.

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