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Diablo III: Answers to Customer Feedback Questions
tag nameDiablo III01/25/2013

It is a long time we have not answered the customer feedback questions. We are always keeping a close eye on the feedback part actually. We have made several changes according to our customer feedbacks. This time, we would like to answer the hot questions in feedback.


Weapon Recommendation: It is true that we have not recommend weapon and items in the news part. As PVP is near, we think there would be a great change in weapon choices. If you have read our news part, you would find that we have recommended the PVP weapon stats in our news part for Barbarian, Demon Hunter and Monk. As to the PVE items, this time we would recommend an Amulet for Monk.

salediablo 3 royalty amulet recommendation


Royalty Amulet recommendation: This amulet would be helpful for both the PVP and PVE. High critical hit damage, critical ht chance and high dexterity are always the three stats we pursuit in PVE. And the 77 Resistance to al elements is especially important in PVP. PVP enemy is much complicated than the PVE enemies. Only with high all resistance and armor, you can stand the damage without one-shot death. If you would add 9% Life stat in this amulet, the price would be much higher at 244USD. Without the life stats, the price is 15.95USD. If your life is around 40K, there is no need to spend so much on that single stat.

royalty amulate recommendation


Bigger Discount: There are three ways for you to get bigger discount coupon for Diablo 3 Gold currently. One way is to contact the online service immediately and ask them for discount coupon. The second way is to ask the Salediablo3 Facebook Community manager for discount coupon. And the third way is to subscribe Salediablo3 emails. We would send the customers who subscribed our email on a week basis with bigger discount coupons and latest promotions news.

salediablo3 feedback bigger discount


Quick Question: As there is no mail system in Diablo 3. So if you are offline, there is no means for us to deliver your order. If you have to be offline for a moment, you can contact our customer online service when you come online with your order number. We would then delivery your gold immediately. Thanks for your appraise for our cheap price.

salediablo feedback quick questions


Some questions would be answered in our Facebook Community as well. Every piece of feedback would be taken consideration. Thank your for your contribution. Because of your support and feedback, is becoming better with service and cheap Diablo 3 Gold price.

  • 1. Yes, I have uploaded my video
  • 2. No, I am waiting for Duel to be themed
  • 3. No, I do not know how to record videos
  • 4. There are some problems for the contest rules
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