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Diablo 3 Guide: 1.0.7 PVP Barbarian Items Stats Guides
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/24/2013

When I have finished the Monster Power 10 through Act I to Act IV, I start to challenge PTR 1.0.7 PVP Duel Mode. Transformation from PVE to PVP needs a certain amount of D3 Gold and Items. Enter Duel mode with the PVE items, you can still deal considerable damage if you gain the upper hand. But if you are a little late, you would be killed in one-shot.


It becomes crucial to adjust your items before patch 1.0.7 is officially released. This post is tested in 1.0.7 PTR.


There is no great difference between PVE and PVP items. You have to take your own items stat into consideration. For example, a lot of players have changed the Ruby into Amethyst. It is useful to increase the health potion to improve the battle ability.


Stats Recommendation (From important to less important)

Armor and all resistance:
With war cry, you armor should be 10K at least, and all resistance 1000+ at least.
I have fought with a 300K DPS Monk face to face. I can almost completely ignore his damage although my Barbarian is with 120K DPS only. Armor and all resistance are the most critical stats to survive in PVP.


Health Globe:
Health potion could determine how long you can fight in the PVP Duel mode. High health directly impacts the skill you use to attack and the fault you can made. Higher the Health globe, more fault you could make. In battle, it is the goal of player to decrease the fault to the least. But before you reach that level, you have to increase the fault-tolerance to increase your battle capability.


Life Regeneration per Second:
2500+ Life Regeneration per second is the standard in PVP. Life regeneration is more important than life on hit and life steal in Duel mode which would be triggered when you hit the enemy. But the life regeneration per second is here without conditions. Maintain high health can increase the confidence and damage ability. When your health is at low level, you could run to a corner and wait for a few moments until your health is recovered. Then come out again to fight with your enemy.


Control Impair:
This stat has been ignored by most players. When you are frozen by a wizard for 4 seconds and your fate is destined already. Although a lot of players have the control impair skills, control impair items is essential as well. For a melee class like Barbarian and Monk, the less control time could enable you to give more damage.
Dexterity (Dodge) Chance to block:

In fact, Dexterity is the most precious stats in melee fight, especially for a Barbarian. When you fight with a melee player and find that your punch is dodged and blocked by the other. Then you are not far away from death as your damage can not reach your enemy. Even when you punch him, it is blocked as well which is equal to impair your damage.


Above are the important stats in PVP. This dose not limited to Barbarian only. Every class can have some common thing in this guide. Previously we over considered attack speed, critical hit chance and critical hit damage. But now you have to consider adjustment. But some players still do not want to give up their PVE because of PVP. Do not worry, Blizzard has prepared new documentary waiting for your adventure.

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