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Diablo 3 Guide: Demon Hunter PVP Experience
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/22/2013

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 PTR has been tested for more than a week. This has brought hope and direction for the players. PVP mode is indispensable for every MMORPG. Even first class competitive gamers would emerge in the PVP mode.


In PTR test, Duel is the core. I have chosen Demon Hunter, mobile long-range damage output in the test.


Demon Hunter relies on mobile capabilities and movement. These advantages give Demon hunter the chance to rule in the PVP mode. In a video, a Demon Hunter take down the other three players easily is really impressive.


Then Demon Hunter choose what kinds of skill and rune in the fight is of key importance? Now I would recommend skill and runes for you.


Hungering Arrow- Devouring Arrow:

demon hunter skil hungering arrow

Strong target ability: There is no need to target. In the PVP movement, it is really useful. It is easy to use as well. Just shot towards the enemy and it would seeks out target automatically. It works like the tracking missiles, accurate and targeting.


Entangling Shot- Bounty Hunter:

demon hunter skill entangling shot with rune bounty hunter

Movement deceleration skill is the top choice in the PVP mode. The rune Bounty Hunter is really practical which would converte 6% damage into life. This is a life steal skill which would keep your health potion on a certain level.


Vault- Tumble:

demon hunter skill vault

Powerful movement skill can escape to a favorable potion. This resemble a lot of the Wizard Teleport. With the rune Tumble, you can get away from the enemy farther.


Shadow Power- Gloom:

demon hunter skill shadow power with rune gloom

This skill is regarded as magic skill for DH. No matter in PVE or PVP, it is the essential skill. Powerful life steal and 35% damage reducing enable this skill to shine in the battle.

Preparation- Battle Scars:

demon hunter skill preparation with rune battle scars

Life recovery skill is the key point to main the health and damage output in a battlefield. In high heath, you would give the damage at ease and stable.


Smoke Screen- Displacement:

demon hunter skill smoke screen with rune displacement

Disappeared in sight of the enemy and escape the damage. This can let the damage instantly disappear. This skill works like the Vault and belongs to the movement displacement skill as well. I personally believe that in PVP Smoke Screen would perform better as the time is shorter in Duel. You do not need to Smoke Screen a lot.


In PVP combat, movement restriction, displacement, critical hit damage skills are the things we need to consider. The fun is process you study and find the secret.


In the follow-up we would bring you more professional fighting experience in PVP. Stay tuned.

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