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Diablo 3 Guide: Witch Doctor 1.0.7 PTR Summon Zombie Dogs Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/19/2013
Although the official version of the PVP is postponed indefinitely, Duel system is a new play style for us. Previously we farm to upgrade ourselves. But after a long time, it is naturally to feel a little tired and bored. But now, there is a new direction for us now which is to defeat all the enemies in PVP.

After I had downloaded the PTR Client, I enter the game immediately. A crowd of players are shout to duel in the public channel. It is really a lively scene. The sheet damage for my Witch Doctor is 140K, Health 100K and skill build is Summon Zombie Dogs. I join the battle without fear.
witch doctor summon zombie dogs skill build

The first battle was with a Barbarian. He already charged at me when I give the skill Summon Zombie Dogs. This really scared me a little. I gave the Sacrifice without a second thought. Strange enough, he died. The confidence increased enormously. In the following battle, I kill the enemy without difficulty. One of those was a well controlled Demon Hunter. The Sacrifice can not hit him as he moved really quickly. Of course, when he is moving, the Hungering Arrow is always seeking the target. This is a little tricky. Due to his DPS is not high, I can beat him heavily.

Then there comes the 2V1 situation. It is really difficulty. After several rounds of fighting, the outcome is not so bad. But I feel it is time for me to change some skills as the map is a little small and the terrain is not complicated. The advantage of Demon Hunter can not come out fully.

Gruesome Feast is not practical in PVP as you can hardly stack up 5 times.

Spirit Vessel this skill can save your life. But it is useless when you come in front of a strong enemy. Because the Cool Down time of this skill is 90 seconds. Even after you have died, it is still in cool down time.

Hex is really useful in melee battle, especially in 1V1 battle. Hex the enemy into chicken and then summon the zombie dogs. But this is not the case when you are duel the Wizard and Demon Hunter as you can hardly get close to them.

Tips for you:
In 1V1 Duel, Summon Zombie Dogs build is still an aggressive play style. I often see that the Barbarian killed by the dogs with little health. In massive battle, this build is a little weak as there are various damage output skills. If you can survive, then you are close to success.

Of course there would be big changes in the Duel System, like map, skills and damage mechanism. The pace is a little too quickly. Let's wish the official version would give us a brand new Duel system.

  • 1. + Damage vs. Elites
  • 2. + Reduced Damage from Elites
  • 3. Spirit Regeneration
  • 4. Lifer per Spirit Spent
  • 5. Armor, All Resistance, Vitality
  • 6. Life on Hit, Life Steal
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