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Poll: Which Stats is Most Important for Monk PVP Diablo 3 Items
tag namePoll01/18/2013

Patch 1.0.7 Public Test Realm is on hot now. We can not help wondering which stats would be popular again. As I mainly play Monk, I would like to discuss with you about the Monk PVP Diablo 3 Items this time. And the official has confirmed that in PVP mode, the enemy would be regarded as Elites. As a result, the Damage vs Elites would be hot. Cast your votes to those you think that would be important for a PVP monk D3 Items.

diablo 3 pvp players as elites post


1. +Damage vs. Elites: This would be helpful both in PVE and PVP. Now the PTR is not well balanced. You either got kill in one second or you kill somebody else in one second. But we believe, when the patch 1.0.7 is officially released. The balance would be better. Then your actual damage is much higher than the sheet figure when you are in PVP with the +Damage VS. Elites.

2. + Reduced Damage from Elites: This is a defensive play style compared with the +Damage VS. Elites. The difference between Monk and Barbarian is that Monk is good at consistent battle. You can not defeat Monk easily. So does Monk.

3. Spirit Regeneration: This is not considered important in PVE where you can always find some normal monsters. And you can slay them and get Spirit. But in PVP, you can hardly hit the enemy. Once you get close to them, give high damage skill like Wave of Light. And the second chance came, but your spirit is not enough. It would be a great pity.

4. Life per Spirit Spent: This is normal in the weapon and helm for Monk. In PVP, you should have several source to get life recovered. Lifer regeneration per second and health potion would not be enough. Life per Spirit Spent in the high damage skill would consume the spirit but recover your life at the same time.

5. Armor, All Resistance and Vitality: Enough these elements can ensure that you would not die by one hit. You need to learn to bear the beat before you learn to beat others. Especially the all resistance is very important for Monk. The passive skill One with Everything would give you one exclusive advantage.

6. Life on hit, Life Steal: This is the main element in PVE items consideration. But maybe this is not the case in PVP. How do you think?


Now it is your time to make the choice. Cast your vote to those you think are important stats in the PVP mode for Monk Diablo 3 Items. You are always welcome to join us about this topic in our Facebook Community.

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