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Poll:What’s Your Opinion About coming Patch 1.0.5
tag namePoll09/17/2012

1. Excited about the incoming damage reduction
2. Excited about the “Monster Power” system
3. No big changes to your Character


Have you heard about the patch 1.0.5 coming? Are you excited about it or worried about it? Change a build which you have played with so long is not a easy work. Especially for Monk Passive Skill One with Everything, are you a little worried about it? We would have a vote for the incoming patch, and select the feeling you have towards the patch.


To give players something new to play and anticipate, Blizzard is really making an effort. Patch 1.0.4 give out the paragon Level 100 leaving players at half month to complete it. The first player to reach the Paragon level 100 is a Barbarian at September 6. And this kind of players are waiting and crying for something new. Now the “Monster Power” System can satisfy them?


As the incoming damage is reduced, will you change your current passive skills? I play with a Monk, and the defensive skills really mean a lot to a Monk. So personally, I do not think the patch will affect me a lot. But if you would like to try a new build, then maybe you have to go to the auction house to buy another weapon or something new to match your new build now. The patch may give the auction house a new boost like the patch 1.0.4 during which the auction house broke down for some time. How much Diablo 3 Gold you have now in your account? Are you ready for the new patch?


Our store would hold some activity when the patch comes out. Please just wait and see what we have for you. For more information please come to our news part. Large stock of D3 Gold would be here for your order. Immediate delivery and cheap price are welcome the patch 1.0.5.

  • 1. Excited about the incoming damage reduction
  • 2. Excited about the “Monster Power” system
  • 3. No big changes to your Character
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