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Poll: Would You Come Back for Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7
tag namePoll01/14/2013

The official statistics shows that a lot of players come back online while the Patch 1.0.7 blog has been released. The official forum and page are full of player asking questions and offering suggestions. The PVP would be the main updates of patch 1.0.7 which can match the scale of patch 1.0.5 in which the Paragon Level, Inferno Machine, Hellfire Ring were added. And we are wondering now, would you come back to experience the PVP Dueling mode? Cast your vote and make the difference.

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Option one, Yes, I will come back. A lot of players quit the Diablo 3 because there is no PVP, no big chance except for the dull loot. But now, there would be finally coming PVP where you could challenge other players instead of the Monsters. The fun is much greater. It would not be boring while you can not always win and kill the same monsters. You are in a fight where the opponents are as intelligent as yourself. What’s more, there would a big update of Wizard and Monk as well which do not have a good performance after patch 1.0.5. This is painful for those who love Wizard and Monk greatly. But now, this is a great time for to come back for your Monk and Wizard.


Option two, no, I would not come back. You can not imagine the disappointment for the loyal Diablo players have. Some players always think that Diablo III can never match Diablo II. Or I can not come back as the Blizzard has blocked me even though I did not have the third-party software.


Option three, I am always here. I am the representative of this type. Even the loot is sometime dull, but Paragon Level 100 always motivates me going further. Now there comes new content, I am certainly happier than ever and would stick to this game as always.


Option four, it depends. If the new content can capture my interest, I would definitely come back. If not, I would leave as before. The only advantage of Diablo 3 is that it is a pay out game which means you do not pay monthly. You can always come back whenever you want.


Which option describes the feeling you have? Take the poll and let’s see together how many players think the same as you do. For more interesting Diablo 3 poll, please visit salediablo3 news part.

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