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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian Hammer of the Ancients Thunderstrike Stun Build
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/10/2013

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The advantages of Hammer of the Ancients Thunderstrike Stun Build:

1. This build has solved the problem of running Monsters feared by Echoing Fury through rune Thunderstrike.

2. There is no time for Molten, Arcane Enchanted and frozen monsters to cast the skill by the stunning effect of Hammer of the Ancient.

3. The choice o Sprint is to enhance the efficiency of the loot

4. Overpower Rune choices

Killing Spree: “Your critical Hit Chance is increased by 10% for 6 seconds.”

Crushing Advance: “Redirect 35% of incoming melee and ranged damage for 4 seconds after Overpower is activated.”

The two skills have their own advantage. When you loot above Monster Power 5, you could choose Crushing Advance. But when your all resistance reaches 600+, you could choose Killing Spree to increase the damage.

5. In the equipment, you could choose the items of Sprint & Whirlwind Skill Builds items. All you have to do it to choose one Echoing Fury to increase the attack speed. In the current edition, the Immortal King set is economical indeed.


Mainhand: You could choose according to the skill damage of Immortal King’s Tribal Binding. But the skill must meet Fury regeneration, damage increase, attack speed increase.

There is no pressure for this skill build under Monster Power 10 Inferno Machine. And you change the passive skill into superstition, easy and quick.


As the Patch 1.0.7 approaching, PVP mode would come soon. There would more posts about PVP in the near future. Keep tuned.


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