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Diablo 3 Guide: Barbarian PVP Skill and Runes Choices
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/09/2013

With more and more Diablo 3 patch 1.0.7 news coming, PVP mode have been clear to players. Most players are eager to get the PVP mode. “Arena” is always a part of game. Only the arena can let players feel more immersive.


In PVP, the traditional power leveling skill builds is definitely not suitable for combat. Perhaps when PVP mode comes, every player would need time to adapt and change the skill and runes.


How to choose the right skill and runes? Here I would answer it for you as a Barbarian regarding how to win in PVP mode.


Tips for PVP:

1. Slow the enemy movement: This would make the enemy under your control. Especially for the long-range class, this would be distressing. In the current version, if your movement speed is slowed, you would be slain by Barbarian without a doubt.

barbarian slowing enemy movement skill cleave


2. Stun, Frozen control skills: Blinding Flash of Monk, Frost Nova of Wizard and so on. These skills would be major highlights in Arena.

3. Lifting of the restriction skills, immune to all controls: There we would first think of the Serenity of Monk and Wrath of the Berserker which can last as high as 30 seconds. But we do not know if this skill would be cancelled during PVP. This had happened during Blizzard game WOW where certain skills can not be used in the PVP.

barbarian immune skill wrath of the berserker


4. Outbreak and Onrush skill: These kinds of skills would be the preferred skills in PVP. One onrush skill like Leap can seize the initiative which is equal to half win. Barbarian skill Leap and Furious Charge can be regarded as Outbreak and Onrush skills.

barbarian onrush skill leapbarbarian outbreak skill furious charge


5. Escape skills: Teleport of Wizard, Spirit Walk of Witch Doctor can be the life-saving skills for the long-range class. Escape to a place where the enemy can not reach you would be a tragic for the enemy.

barbarian escape skill sprint

6. Damage reduction skills: Just like the shield wall in WOW, relief % would make the enemy really frustrating. As they can not kill you and exposed to our attack range. Damage reduction can restore a battle and win sometimes.

barbarian damage reduction skill overpowerbarbarian damage reduction skill ignore

Above are the six tips we have for you for PVP. In the later time, we would bring new career skill and runes for other classes. Keep tuned.

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