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Diablo 3 Guide: How to Identify Accessories
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/07/2013

With the development of Diablo 3, the best weapons have been the goal of most players. High main stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence), high critical hit damage, life steal, attack speed, sheet damage (1000+) are all the popular stats players want to pursuit.


But many player ignore the upgrading of the remaining parts of the body when pursuit the high damage. In fact, accessories can be the key part to increase the DPS. It is an important thing to choose the stats that suit your hero.


A lot of players would first think of “Three Crits” when they heard about accessories.

Three Crits mean Attack Speed, Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance.

diablo 3 accessory hateful meridian ring


This Hateful Meridian Ring belongs to the three stats ring. The advantage is obvious. In addition to the Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, the Critical Hit Damage is quite high. But there is disadvantage as well. There is no main stat. Such a ring like Hateful Meridian Ring would be worth 50,000K. Does it worth for you?


Ring Choice Guide: Actually there is no need to get the three stats in the ring, like Unity. High Strength, critical hit chance, damage again elites and basic damage. These four stats are really good. What’s more, the price of these stats is really decent. If you have any doubts, I would give your comparison pictures.


Ring comparison:

d3 accessory unity ring

diablo iii hateful meridan ring

There are two rings for you to choose. But the other must be the Hellfire Ring. You have no other choice.

diablo 3 hellfire ring

Hellfire Ring stats depend a lot on the Luck. I have made more than one hundred Hellfire rings. But none is great. Players love the ring for most reason is the 35% Experience Bonus. You can only rely on luck regarding other stats.


Amulet Guides: Many players suffer in the Amulet choices. There is no one special item that stands out in the Amulet circle. Whether to choose the three stats or high critical chance and damage?


High Critical Hit Chance, High Critical Hit Damage:

diablo 3 accessory reflective omen amulet

This Reflective Omen Amulet is suitable for Barbarian and Demon Hunter. But it would be perfect on Barbarian. On all the classes, critical hit damage performs best on Barbarian. The Whirlwind& Sprint build, Hammer of the Ancients build rely heavily on the critical hit damage about efficiency.


For Monk and Wizard, attack speed would be better than the critical hit damage. Although the sheet damage decreases a lot, every class skill damage stat is not the same. Especially for Monk, for more information, please keep a close eye on our Diablo 3 Guide about Monk. We would give you a detailed analysis about the attack speed influencing Monk.


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