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Poll: Which Skill is Your Left Mouse Skill Wizard
tag namePoll01/05/2013

There are lots of skill builds for Wizard, especially the primary skill left skill. Generally, Monks would choose Fists of Thunder as the left mouse skill as it generates more spirit than other fist skills. But this is not the case for Wizard. Most wizards would choose among Shock Pulse, Energy Twister, Electrocute and other skills. And this time we would give a poll for you to choose as a Wizard. Cast your vote and make the difference.


Shock Pulse: As we all know, Lightning is the perfect damage to give AOE damage. Monks choose Won Khim Lau for the reason that this weapon can give as high as 6% lightning damage. But Wizard does not have to spend a lot of Gold on the weapon to get this damage. Just choose the Shock Pulse and you can choose as long as you like as “This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast.” In the weapon choice, then you can choose Echoing Fury to gain the 12.6% chance to fear on Hit. This stat would give you more room and time to slay the monsters.

diablo 3 wizard skill shock pulse


Energy Twister: If you choose the Energy Twister as your left mouse skill, I bet you are using the Chantodo’s Will set Wand as your weapon. You could get 9 Arcane Power with one critical hit. Of course, the damage of Energy Twister is much larger than Shock Pulse. If you have enough Diablo 3 Gold in your account, this choice would be more efficient.

diablo 3 wizard skill energy twister


Electrocute: Electrocute and Shock Pulse are all giving Lightning damage to expand the damage area. But Electrocute rune Surge of Power would “Gain one Arcane Power for every enemy hit by Electrocute”. This would ensure that you always have enough Arcane Power to give the high damage skill like Energy Twister.

diablo 3 wizard skill electrocute


Other skills: With different Diablo 3 Equipments, you could choose different skills. You can choose other skills as long as you feel good and efficient to clear the dungeons.


You can leave your comment at our Facebook page and give out your ideas about Wizard Left Mouse skill choices. Your feedback is always welcome in Salediablo3.

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