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Diablo 3 Guide: How to Maximize Barbarian DPS
tag nameDiablo 3 Guide01/03/2013

In the later time of Patch 1.0.6, most players began to transfer the MF equipments into Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit damage and attack speed equipments to increase the DPS when the Paragon Level goes high.


In most players'views, DPS is everything. This is not false. When your Paragon Level is more than 50, your MF under five stacks of Buff would be +400%. Then how to maximize the DPS becomes the headache for most players. This time, I would take Barbarian for example as I mainly play Barbarian. The topic today is how to maximize Barbarian DPS.


Tips: In the later days, the follower should meet the requirements: Sustained deceleration, adding damage. I would recommend Scoundrel for you. There are two reasons. One is the steady damage increase. And the other is considerable 3% critical hit chance.


Below are the attributes of my Barbarian:

diablo 3 barbarian attributes

Below are my Scoundrel skill choices:
 diablo 3 follower scoundrel skill choices


1. I have spent a lot of energy in all the equipment choices. The damage has reached the high standard of ordinary players. In the choices, please remember the following tips:

Tip 1: When your goal is Paragon Level 100, the Immortal King set and Ice Climber are not suitable for you. For Paragon Level the emphasis is on efficiency and increase the time of Sprint. This would do a lot of benefits to you.


2. The Witching Hour Choice: When your weapons meet the life steal requirement, it is high time for you to consider Witching Hour. 5%-6% life steal is necessary. I guess most players have used the Hammer of the Ancient. When you are in front a large pack of damage reflect monsters, you would be killed in just a second with misbehavior.


3. Think about the power leveling after you get a good Hellfire Ring. High Strength, Critical Hit Chance 4%, Critical Hit Damage and Attack Speed are all good attributes.


4. Right Choice of weapon: I would recommend Echoing Fury for you to increase up to 1-20K damage which is referred to as Bug Hammer. It is really tricky when the monsters run away with fears. But its attack speed has a great influence on the Sprint speed. What's more the damage would increase a lot. If you take the right position, the monsters would die on the way to run.


 barbarian weapon echoing fury


Above is my experience. I sincerely wish that this would help 150-180K DPS Barbarian. If you have any doubts, please leave your comment at our Facebook Page. We would be glad to help you.


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